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Rank in the 3- pack

Does Your Website Rank in the 3- pack?

When potential customers do a search for search engine optimization calgary  or product rarely do they ever go past the first page, for that matter they rarely even pass the first couple of results.  Ideally you want your listing to be right there in the first three results if not the first page.  In the past couple of months Google has once again changed its algorithm making it harder to show up in those coveted first few spots.  For any business that wants to succeed locally, showing up in the 3-pack is crucial which is why Edmonton SEO is important

What is the Local 3-Pack?

When one of your potential customers does a search Google has reserved the top of the page for business listings that include contact info, reviews and map indicating where you are located.  Not too long ago there were seven results showing here, now the number has been narrowed down to just three.  This means that you and all your competitors are vying for those three spots at the top of the page.

Advantages to Being in the 3-Pack

There are many advantages to ranking in the 3 pack, first you need to understand that the 3 pack is based on geography and that businesses closest are going to show up.  That means for you those customers are directly within your service area.  The 3 pack includes far more information than a regular listing, contact information as well as reviews these go along way to convincing people to try your products and services.  With 33% of users clicking on the first result, the impact on your bottom line is huge.  Here is a video outlining the importance of reaching customer by being in the 3- pack

How to Improve Visibility

There are a couple of strategies we can use to improve your rankings and help get you a spot in the 3 pack:

Get your Google My Business Page:  This is where Google looks first to find out information about your business, make the listing as effective as possible by including information.  You need to have descriptions, photos, hours of operation and contact information.

Get Some Reviews:  If you look at the results in the 3 pack most come with a rating or review information, encourage your customers to leave positive reviews on your business page.  This also helps build trust to potential customers seeing your listing for the first time.

Make Sure Your Hours are Correct:  Opening and closing times are featured in the 3-Pack, so make sure you listed them on your Google My Business page.  If you are in a industry that provides emergency service 24hrs include that too.

Work With an Expert

Calgary SEO has dedicated and experienced local SEO experts who can help you achieve your online goals, more visibility, more customers and mostly importantly improve the bottom line.  There are comprehensive solutions for nearly every business trying to dominate their search results and stand out above the crowd.  Local SEO is not the project you want to try and undertake on your own, with proven strategies and expert help we can make success happen.


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