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Top SEO Methods 2018

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Anything that is done in order to increase the SERP is called the technique of On-page Optimization. There are many techniques that are used to increase the page traffic like:

Other than that, there are few more On-page SEO techniques that are not very eminent. These things are lesser recognized but still can have an enormous effect on your search engine optimization organic rankings.

  1. Your level of Reading: Have you ever read any legal document and do you think if it’s easy to understand or not? It’s actually very hard to know, all those unknown words and the kind of sentence framing and language a usual person isn’t used to. Just imagine if you find such words in the articles and blog posts. Do you think you would be able to understand it? In that case, we would focus on the level of reading. It tells you how easy or difficult it is to read definite kind of text.Site speed for seo is major deal as well its important to optimize for speed
  2. Adding comments to the content: It is the second most important part of the web page as comments are the review to your content. Reader always put comments in the blog post if they like any content or appreciate the knowledge promoted by it. Most of the comments are very short and generic while there are users who put very long as well as useful comments to the content. Google robot reads all the blog posts as well as the comments and it can easily make a difference in the blog post and the comment. This technique helps Google to understand the context on which the article has been written. Comments can play a very important role in On-page optimization if they add the keywords properly to it. Your readers may not put in the keywords in their comments you are targeting, so this is what I’d suggest you to do.
  3. The most efficient search engine optimization calgary technique is having an attractive blog post title. It is the biggest of all on page optimization technique. Every article or blog always has a specific title to it, so you better not miss the chance to add an attractive or appealing title to your write-up. It’s apparent for you to be familiar with the fact that post title ought to be maximum 70 characters long as Google only reads the first 70 characters in a post title while it is indexed. Do you have an idea that how many characters of the title of the post are actually seen by the user? As we write articles that can be read only by humans, it’s very crucial to understand that how much of the title is actually seen to the human beings. There is a tool that is used that represents the exact approach by which any search engine optimization result is perceived by the reader.

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