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Top New trends in 2018 for SEO

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The trends in SEO 2018 show significant deviation from the path covered by the system so far.          Voice-search is one of the trends that are already catching up with many of the mobile users. With applications like Alexa, Google and others, the scope of this Calgary SEO SERVICES  is expected to go up further, and cover more number of users. The other significant aspect is the image search. More numbers of service providers are adopting the application of such searches from Google, Bing, yahoo, etc. The Video search is still based on the text input mode. The only difference is that it is directed specifically to the video files from various search sites and it displays the video links in the Search Engine Result Pages, which also contains the text search results.

Image Search Algorithm and Strategy – an Overview



As you are aware, the algorithm is the key element that runs the search engine optimization through the various website links. The image search algorithm is entirely different from the traditional searches in some aspects, while it retains some of the old techniques and tricks.

  • Detector Collection: The set of image detectors in the Calgary SEO  can sense and match the random strings with the available strings from the input image. The size of the strings could be small, medium or big. The system somehow manages to resolve the conflicts through the inbuilt mechanism and detects the image matching. Negative Selection Algorithm is one of the key elements used in the detection mechanism. This is a technology which has existed since 1994. But it is being implemented in the image search only now. The matching of pixel groups with the similarly aligned pixels, color with color and pattern with pattern will be the key elements involved in the generation of detectors. Once the detectors match, the image list will be displayed on the Search Engine Result Pages. Direct pixel matching and color difference/ similarity are extensively used. These sorts of apps are already available in the android, Google play, IOS and other platforms. Though it is being used comparatively less frequently, the 2018 search engines are expected to extensively use this technology.
  • User input: The users input the image from their mobile web-cam and search for the pattern. The reverse search pattern can generate pages containing images, text links, video links and others within a span of few seconds. However, this process is stated t be relatively slower compared to the text search. Search engines like Google offer highest level of security for the mobile searches, by keeping the source image at the anonymous level in the web.
  • Strategy: The Image SEO for the search engines is completely the responsibility of the website designers and developers, who work closely with your SEO service providers. The first criterion is the image matching with the text content in the web page. By surrounding the image with the related text and keywords, it is possible to get the best of results for the SEO. It is better to avoid the usage of images from other websites and paste it onto your web pages. Rather, you can opt for using the genuine images that you shoot with a professional camera.
  • Optimization: The image optimization technique used by the present day search engines and the service providers is rather slow. One of the options for the websites is to optimize the image dimensions. By resizing the larger size image to a smaller size, the loading time of the page is bound to increase. This limitation is reportedly overcome by providing the optimum size image to be used for the search in the first instance. If the users wish to view a larger image, they can simply click on the original image to open up the larger version in another window. By using the extensions like .JPG and .PNG it is possible to compress their sizes during the search. The quality of the images also doesn’t get distorted on compression. The detectors can decode the pixels and the color combinations in a precise manner. The other compatible option is the .GIF. Using the images in the sitemap can also help in enhancing the optimization levels of the web pages. Your SEO service provider can give the right sort of image tags to make the search process more efficient.
  • Thumbnails: using the thumbnails can considerably increase the efficiency of image optimization. Using them in minimum numbers can also balance the page loading time, while keeping the SERP listing more efficient.
  • Alt- Tag and Image Names: Using the Alt-tag text for the images can index them in an efficient manner. The image names should preferably consist of the main keywords as input by the users. This approach can significantly increase the efficiency of the image search and the accuracy of finding your website links on the SERP at the top.

Voice Search – The New Phenomenon

The voice search is powered by search engines like Google. Though this technology is in use since 2008, it was limited to limited languages like the English, Afrikaans, Dutch, Hebrew, French, and Italian. The advent of the mobile and smart phone technologies have increased the scope of the search since 2017.

The year 2018 is expected to witness a boom in the mid and small level business segments. You can optimize your site using the conversational keywords. The key challenge comes in searching based on multiple accents. Google hopes to overcome this problem by introducing the snippets and apps to translate them into machine understandable accent and text. The voice search algorithm is also expected to change the way local searches are made. The advent of voice media can significantly reduce the number of bugs in the existing technologies and take the search engine optimization to the next levels. The options for increasing the search engine ranking is also expected to increase in 2018, by introducing the concepts of auto spelling corrections previous search patterns etc. The 2018 voice SEO apps are expected to match the search engine algorithms more efficiently in increasing the page and site ranking.

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