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7 Advanced SEO Tactics That’s Often Overlooked

SEO is an ultra-powerful tool.  The link in #1 position in Google search result page gets 32% of search traffic.  Page one links get 92% of all traffic. That means traffic drop off by 92% for page 2.

So if you want traffic from Google, you need to climb to the top of search results.  Just creating well-written content alone won’t be enough.  You need to be a master of SEO.  You need to be way ahead of your competitor.

To help you become an SEO for home renovations  we’ve shared 7 advanced seo tactics most people overlook:


1. Use LSI Keyword

Latent semantic indexing (LSI) keyword means “synonyms and closely-related terms”.  It’s very powerful and can give your site a serious SEO boost.  Fortunately for you, not many sites are using it.

You can find LSI keywords at the bottom of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).  Just to give you an example, if you are writing about seo tools, type “seo tools” on google search bar.  At the bottom of the result pages, you’ll see this:

Try to add some of these keywords in your article.  This will help Google understand better what your article is all about.  As a result, you’ll get an SEO boost.


2. Optimize Your Landing Page

Are you thinking about SEO when you are creating your landing page?  If not, you’re missing out.  You need to put a lot of work into creating landing pages.   If you optimize your landing page for Local SEO, you’ll be driving tons of traffics to it.  

To optimize your landing page for SEO, include keywords strategically throughout your copy.  Add one or two long tail keywords.

Make your copy brief and concise.  Many people claim that search engine favour long content over short.  But that’s more about correlation than causation.  You don’t need to make your copy long to rank.

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3. Steal & Spy On Your Competitors’ Keywords

If you spy on your competitors’ keywords, you can see what you’re up against.  Then you can compare your performance.  You can also steal the keywords they’re optimizing for.

You can use SEMRush for this.  It’s free.  Just go to the site & enter one of your competitors’ site.  You will see something like this:

You can see their top organic keywords, their traffic amount and some other data.  Click on “View full report” if you want more details.


4. Create Infographics

According to BuzzSumo data, infographics generates significantly more social shares than normal text posts.

Infographics also tend to generate more backlinks.  Many people embed infographics on their site and link to the source.

You need two things to create powerful infographics: great design & great content.  If you overlook one, your infographic won’t perform well.

When you’re posting an infographic, add plenty of high-quality text underneath your infographic.  This will make it easier for Google to understand what your page is about.


5. Use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP is a project from Twitter & Google.  You can call it a stripped down version of HTML.  It reduces clunkiness and makes your mobile pages really fast.  Page load speed and mobile readiness are extremely important ranking factors.  The faster your site is, the more likely it is to be seen by google search users.

Google is also pushing AMP hard. They highlight AMP pages on SERP’s.  They also show AMP content above the fold, at the top of Google searches.
If you’re using WordPress, there are two ways you can set up AMP:

  1. Install this plugin.  It will help you generate AMP-compatible version of posts.  Unfortunately, it won’t convert archived posts.
  2. Hire a developer to convert your pages.  AMP is pretty easy.  So your developer should be able to do it pretty quickly.


6. Link to Relevant Content

Many people think linking out to relevant content on other authoritative website is bad because it takes visitors out of their page.  But according to Rand Fishkin, founder of Moz, linking out makes your site more valuable.

Google says linking out might help your rankings.  An industry study also shows that it may slightly give your content a boost.

Link out only to contents that is relevant and valuable.  Also, send an email to the people you linked to.  If they like your post, they may share it with their followers and link back to you.


7. Write Better Image Metadata

Google can’t see what’s in an image.  They use image metadata to understand what’s in the image.  That’s why you should use right keywords in your image name, caption and alt text.

You can’t engage in keyword stuffing.  So try writing them like a caption.  Don’t try to be too clever or creative.  Keep the metadata simple & relevant to your image.

What’s your most favourite overlooked SEO strategy?

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