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How Local SEO Can Help Your Restaurant

How Local SEO Can Help Your Restaurant Thrive

Yes, you want people to come into your restaurant and taste your exquisite food, soak up the atmosphere while being waited on, but they need to be able to find you first.  Word of mouth and offline advertising are still a big part of the restaurant business; don’t think for a minute that you don’t need SEO.  SEO can spread your brand farther and faster and let’s face it, Social Media is today’s word of mouth.  So how can an SEO agency get your restaurant on the map?

Here is how we can work with you to bring customers in the door:

  1. Take care of the technical stuff:  “Technical stuff” encompasses doing keyword research, making sure you have the right keywords that can help your rankings skyrocket.  Once you have the right keyword set, it is time to look at your on-page optimization, you need to get the keywords in the right places for Google to understand what your site is about.  Your images, pages titles, how your urls are set up and a few other things to ensure you get the best results.
  2. NAP: NAP stands for name, address and phone number and for local search results it’s important that this correct in map listings along with local directories and other citations.
  3. Schema: This is a piece of code that tells search engines, in their language, all about your restaurant.  It conveys things like, NAP, the hours you’re open, and what payments are accepted this is a must have for mobile search.
  4. Google Maps: All restaurants should have a map on their site, either on a contact page or a locations page.  Not just any old map will do, you want one that is connected to your verified Google Plus account.  This means getting your Google My Business page set-up and fully optimized.  Google is really good at correlating information across your Google Plus account, your map location and what your business is all about.
  5. Menu on your website: This should be a “no brainer”.  If you want to lure customers through your door give the best way to do it is to show them exactly what you serve and what they can expect.
  6. The review sites: Every restaurant should have complete and fully optimized profiles on all the major review sites such as TripAdvisor, Yelp and Urban Spoon.  The listings need to include as much info as possible and lots of pictures.  You can add menus and hours as well, all reviews should be addressed promptly both the good and the bad.
  7. Social Media: Despite all the hype surrounding social media, it won’t bring nearly as much traffic as a solid SEO campaign, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore it.  Making it work for you means posting regularly, interacting with users, linking back to relevant pages on your website, and use hashtags that target both your keywords and your location.

There you have it, these are just some of the way an SEO agency can help your restaurant succeed.  There are lots of good restaurants right here in Calgary, get in  touch with us if you want yours to stand out from the crowd.


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