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How to Achieve and Sustain Business Growth with IT Support Canada

IT Support for the commercial and industrial segment in Canada is a sophisticated service from the reputed and trusted IT Companies here. The IT Companies take the responsibility of providing hardware accessories, network devices, server and client installations, protocol and topology configurations, infrastructure solutions, collocation, and hosting. Integrated security, disaster management, data and system backup & recovery, and system maintenance are the enhanced services available for your organization. Faster accessibility […]

Top New trends in 2018 for SEO

The trends in SEO 2018 show significant deviation from the path covered by the system so far.          Voice-search is one of the trends that are already catching up with many of the mobile users. With applications like Alexa, Google and others, the scope of this Calgary SEO SERVICES  is expected to go up further, and cover more number of users. The other significant aspect is the […]

7 Advanced SEO Tactics That’s Often Overlooked

SEO is an ultra-powerful tool.  The link in #1 position in Google search result page gets 32% of search traffic.  Page one links get 92% of all traffic. That means traffic drop off by 92% for page 2. So if you want traffic from Google, you need to climb to the top of search results.  Just creating well-written content alone won’t be enough.  You need to be a master of […]

Top SEO Methods 2018

Anything that is done in order to increase the SERP is called the technique of On-page Optimization. There are many techniques that are used to increase the page traffic like: Managing Meta tags Faster loading webpage rate Efficient keyword density Shorter and easy URLs Proper image optimization Header tags Internal linking and many different things regarding On-page search engine Optimization Techniques and they are fundamental and go far in optimizing a […]

Rank in the 3- pack

Does Your Website Rank in the 3- pack?

When potential customers do a search for a local business or product rarely do they ever go past the first page, for that matter they rarely even pass the first couple of results.  Ideally you want your listing to be right there in the first three results if not the first page.  In the past couple of months Google has once again changed its algorithm making it harder to show […]

How Local SEO Can Help Your Restaurant

How Local SEO Can Help Your Restaurant Thrive

Yes, you want people to come into your restaurant and taste your exquisite food, soak up the atmosphere while being waited on, but they need to be able to find you first.  Word of mouth and offline advertising are still a big part of the restaurant business; don’t think for a minute that you don’t need SEO.  SEO can spread your brand farther and faster and let’s face it, Social […]