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How to Achieve and Sustain Business Growth with IT Support Canada

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IT Support for the commercial and industrial segment in Canada is a sophisticated service from the reputed and trusted IT Companies here. The IT Companies take the responsibility of providing hardware accessories, network devices, server and client installations, protocol and topology configurations, infrastructure solutions, collocation, and hosting. Integrated security, disaster management, data and system backup & recovery, and system maintenance are the enhanced services available for your organization. Faster accessibility and customized scalability are the benefits you get at cost effective prices. If you own a startup, or small scale business, you can also opt for cloud storage and hosting services which reduce your investments and enhance returns.

IT Support through Colocation Servers

The Colocation server can provide secure data connection with its protection mechanism. The IT Companies in Canada have adopted a flexible approach to data migration from your server into the Colocation server. They charge you based on the utilization for a specific period. There are many benefits of using such services.

  • Security: – You can opt for moving all the sensitive and secure data into the Colocation server. The facilities like network, hardware, bandwidth, and storage in a centralized data center. All your organizational branches can connect to the center directly, or through your database server. You can get the control for data distribution based on your organizational hierarchy. Physical security for your data is available from the service provider through firewalls, active directory architecture, domain controllers, and other protection mechanism. The service providers take care of maintenance, troubleshooting and disaster management procedures. The probability of server downtime is said to be near zero, since they have backup systems to keep the connectivity and availability round the clock.
  • Cost: – Small and startup companies may find it difficult to establish and own dedicated infrastructure of client and server environment. The costs associated with equipment purchase, licensing the software, installation and maintenance of the system may prove to be too expensive, since the operations are at the basic level. If you own such a business, you can benefit from the low cost, high security Colocation servers hosted by the IT Support companies in Canada.

In-House Infrastructure Maintenance

The IT support Companies in Canada provide in-house infrastructure maintenance and update services for your organization. They take care of the client-server architecture, network devices, cables, power supplies, and other elements in your system.

  • Server Support: – Server support is the key element of the client server maintenance service. Installation and configuration of the server operating system depends on the number of client systems, nature of connectivity, type of network, and the physical distance between the client and the server. For the PCs, laptops and Mac computers within the same building, you can opt for UTP or optic fiber cables. They can provide you with bandwidth of 100MBPS in the intranet. You can opt for Linux, Windows, UNIX, or other server operating system. You can also opt for multiple operating systems for database server, mail & internet server, and the resources sever. The IT support companies can manage the configuration and maintenance of network devices like the routers, switches and modems. The mail & internet server configuration get the support of firewalls and antivirus software installation. It is possible to connect the mail sever to the database server for simplifying data transfer and replication onto another remote domain. However, you can also choose to have a VPN between the database servers across remote domains, if you don’t wish to expose the database server to the risks on the internet.
  • Client Support: – IT support services for the client systems are varied in nature and depth. The IT companies in Canada provide hardware and networking maintenance through SLA. The service Level Agreement contains provisions for repair and replacements for the hardware components. Updates to the OS, service packs, application software (office apps, core business apps, customized apps, marketing & sales apps, CRM, etc), device drivers (printers, scanners, and others), and other customized services. The IT support company can extend the connectivity to the mobile and smart-phones of marketing and sales team. You can get everyday reports on your teams’ activities and monitor their operations closely. You can also opt for customized reporting apps from the IT support companies. CRM apps are the key links between your business and the customers (existing, potential, and markets).  The IT support Companies can provide customized apps through which you can interact with your customers in real time. The system connects to helpdesk, product support, order placement and processing, dispatch, invoicing and billing procedures. You can post             reports, transaction statements, accounting and financing documents for them to view and download. At the same time customers can communicate with your organization through chat, mail, and other communication channels hosted by the IT support Company.

IT Support with Virtual CIO

The Virtual CIO services from the IT support companies take care of the entire business, technology, HR, and infrastructure management of your organization. Before opting for such a service, you need to have specific policy, which governs the final decision making. The policy is vial, because the CIO will have access to tour organizational board meetings, budget plans, business goals, market data, competitors’ information, customer details, marketing strategy, etc. Hence, you need to choose the virtual CIO based on the trustworthiness of the company.

Disaster Recovery IT Support

The IT support Companies in Canada provide dedicated recovery services at cost effective prices. They include data recovery, hardware troubleshooting, network device repair and replacement, network cable diagnosis and restoration, etc. The service level agreement you sign with the service provider gives you all the details related to the contract. You need to read all the aspects of the terms and conditions before signing.

The SLA should specifically identify the situations, where the service provider prefers to have component/part replacement over repair and vice versa. The data sheet elated to the maintenance and troubleshooting procedures can give you detailed information about the cost savings you make through the SLA.




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