Welcome To Our Calgary SEO Blog

Welcome to our SEO blog.  This is a satellite website for our main Calgary Web Design company homepage. Here we’ll touch upon our SEO work specifically, and post some free tricks of the trade and information about best practices and changes in the world of acquiring those elusive front page rankings.

One of the axioms that is true in life & in work is “results speak louder than words”.  If you’d like to see our results, we think the placement of this website & our Calgary Web Design homepage in the search engines for many terms speaks volumes; there you can also check out our results section and see how we’ve helped our clients. Ultimately, the bottom line is how well our client’s do in the search engine rankings (SERPS) for the terms that will result in higher visibility for their business. For us, this speaks louder than any claims we could make — and we’ve seen hundreds of website design company websites on the net that are terribly out of date and yet say “we’re on the cutting edge” or SEO sites where exorbitant claims are made and no evidence of experience or #1 rankings or even improvements can be found!

On this site we’ll take the opportunity to blog & discuss specifically about SEO & online marketing in general.

Although not all of our clients will allow us to use their results to brag with, we’ll be linking back to our results portfolio as our clients rank up, and discussing our methods here.  We are also doing a personal “Calgary Web Design” SEO CHALLENGE back at our main company blog.  Thanks for visiting and please follow us on twitter & like our facebook page for additional updates.